Congratulations to Molly F, Amber D, Angel D, Asia M, and Karen T, new members of Gigi's Kindness CorpsTM! Click on the Kindness Corps link to find out about our 1st mission with Self-Help International! A special thank you to everyone who has knit dishcloths -- We now have over 2,500 -- isn't that great!! Great job and keep them coming!

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Click on the Gigi's Kindness Corps link for details about our first mission with Self-Help International!

Test yourself with Gigi's math problems

Did you know that knitting improves your math skills? In knitting, you work with patterns and counting.In math, you use them, too. Here are a few math problems for you to try. Do you have any math problemsinvolving knitting that you would like to share? Email me at gigi@gigiknits.comand maybe your math problem will be posted!
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